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Burdge Family Farm
January 2021

We are a small family farm using our 9 acres located in Ringoes, NJ to raise 300+ chickens, herbs and so much more to bring holistic, healthy foods to our neighbors and community.

My husband, Ken, and I have dreamed of one day owning a farm and worked hard to make that dream a reality. We bought our home in 2004 which was already in woodland management/preservation making starting a farm one step closer to reality. The hard work and perseverance to make a homestead into a farm was quite the task and without machinery, it was back breaking at times. Initially, we began as a hobby farm as my husband and I both had full time jobs and no extra time or money to make the farm a full time endeavor. We started off with a small flock of 50 chickens our first year which dwindled down to 35 by the year's end with hawks and fox coming around almost daily. We had to fence in a larger area to secure our hens from predators and couldn't free range them as we had wanted. We are now able to let our hens out to forage and free range under supervision; we solicit the help of our rescue dog, Ginger, who enjoys chasing fox and doesn't miss an opportunity to pursue them. Each year we have increased the size of our coop and flock; this July will marked our sixth year in our home and on the farm and we increased our flock to 350 laying hens currently!

Our two children enjoy living on a farm and help us with the many chores farm life involves which includes helping us collect eggs, make salves, soaps, candles, herbal mixes, they plant and harvest in the garden, raise rabbits and so much more! One thing our children seem to love most about our farm and the outdoors is hunting and finding four leaf clovers in the yard! They find them often and where one four four leaf clover grows, there are often many more to be found! On a lucky day when a four leaf clover is found, they find a five, six and seven leaf clover growing nearby. We've begun making key chains out of these four-leaf clovers and will be selling them out of our farm stand as a way to share our luck with others! 🍀

Our farm specializes in brown chicken eggs, but we also make and sell honey infusions using our own herbs infused in local, holistic honey that is naturally treated with herbs and essential oils to replace the traditional antibiotic treatments on bees. We grow and dry herbs for teas as well as culinary and medicinal use, freeze our herbs, and sell fresh herbs upon request. We make homemade elderberry syrup using organic and fresh ingredients and by next summer, we will be harvesting our own elderberries to share. We make fire cider for gut health that can be used in marinades and dressings.

Our favorite farm stand products are our natural beauty and cleaning products such as our plant infused salves, cleaning sprays, bug sprays made from essential oils, chapsticks, soaps made with loofah we grow, sugar scrubs, bath soaks and more. Our homemade salves are especially sought after as we make it from plantago (common plantain weed), calendula, bee balm and chocolate mint grown on the farm and steeped in extra virgin olive oil mixed with beeswax and pure, all natural doTERRA essential oils. Our salves can be used on cuts, burns, poison ivy, bug bites, rashes and so much more!!

UPDATE 2021: Our family thrives in nature and have always felt the healing energy and power we get when we are outside, on our farm and in the woods surrounded by nature. We love taking hikes and just walking amongst the plants on our farm to help us rejuvenate, relax and find peace at the end of a busy day. Since the pandemic began, our farm and the Sourland Mountains which surround us, became our daily dose of healing and solace. As a result, Diana wanted to find a way to bring this to more people who may not have the same access to woods, nature and healthy foods as we do.  She has been working on learning more about various energy and chakra healing arts, herbs, crystal and more to find a way  to bring holistic, healing practices to more people within our community.  She is close to being a certified Reiki practitioner. Not only is Diana practicing Reiki on her family, but she also gives Reiki healing energy to the seeds, plants, animals and our farm now too!  Our next big dream is to have a healing center where we can offer holistic, healthy food and health products along with yoga, Reiki and other practices to others.  More to Come on our next endeavor!

Happiness, Health & a bit O'Luck 🍀 from our family to yours,
Ken, Diana, Kendra and Brian Burdge
About Us