Herbs & Honeys

Herbal Honey Infusions

Fresh herbs infused in local, holistic honey is currently sold out.  Honey herbal infusions take 6+ weeks to infuse fully and will be available again in fall.  Our herbal infusions made with dried herbs will be available winter and spring 2021; fresh herbal infusions will be available summer 2021.  To guarantee we don't run out next year, we intend to purchase at least twice as much honey as this fall than we did last fall.  Our honey comes from the Family Cow who employs only holistic beekeeping practices.  More to come on this topic soon

Honey Cappings will be available in 2lb. jars in our farm stand on June 1st  and comes from the same farm we buy our holistic honey, The Family Cow. This is what they have to say about it:

This is our super special Holistic Cappings Honey.' The 'cappings' are a layer of crunchy bits of pollen, propolis and honeycomb that tops each jar. It’s honey the way the pilgrims would have eaten it… straight from the hive with bits of honeycomb still in it. These nutrient-rich, immunity-building touches of nature can be chewed like gum...


We grow a variety of herbs which will be available fresh in summer upon request and dried in fall.  Periodically, cut, fresh herbs will be in the farm stand, so stop in to see what we have!  We also make olive oil, herb ice cubes which are herb blended in olive oil, frozen and ready to use in your favorite recipes.  We love to pull out our basil blend in the middle of the winter to add a summer flavoring to our dishes!  

Herb varieties currently being grown for summer 2020:

Anise Hyssop


Bee Balm

Chive, Garlic and Onion

Lemon Balm



Sage (common largest availability)

Sage (golden, tri-colored, purple, pineapple, clary) growing this season for next year