Natural Home & Health

Diana Burdge wears many hats, but the most important and valued are her hats of mother, wife and gardener.  She loves making natural health and beauty products using herbs, flowers and even weeds grown and harvested on her family farm and in her garden.  She proudly uses sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices to grow and make holistic products that use herbs and flowers grown on the Burdge Family Farm intentionally as well as weeds with medicinal properties when they are in season which are grown unintentionally but valued just as much.  You can be assured that all products made on the Burdge Family Farm include all natural ingredients that are organic whenever possible and incorporate gardening bounties to the greatest extent possible to make natural products for friends and family which is now available to you too!

Our Mission: to be as regenerative and sustainable as we can using as many of our own farm and garden grown herbs, flowers and plants in our products; we want to bring our all natural, holistic and healthy farm made products to your home.  Our customers can be guaranteed all our products are made on our farm using them in our homes and share them with our family knowing there are no dyes, preservatives, fragrances, as they are all natural and to the greatest extent possible hypoallergenic.


1.  "Make and Take" classes and demonstrations on the farm this spring and summer to bring knowledge of how to make your own, natural products using herbs and flowers from your own yard and garden.  

2. Video courses online coming soon!  Learn alongside Diana and other local farmers and artisans.

3. A Brick and Mortar location coming to you soon in Ringoes, NJ.  The Burdge Family is working on purchasing a church where we can offer in person courses along with a farmer's market, locally grown and made speciality items, plants and produce in their storefront carrying products made not only by us but other local farmers and artisans too.  We hope to offer in person learning, meditation, life coaching and healing modalities. such as Reiki.. PLUS SO MUCH MORE!