Elderberry Syrup can be taken straight out of the bottle or try these additional uses: 

Pour over pancakes, or waffles. Drizzle on top in place of (or in addition to) maple syrup.

In yogurt. Swirl a teaspoon into plain, unsweetened yogurt (dairy or non-dairy-we like coconut!), or layer in a parfait with granola, berries and yogurt.

On oatmeal. Use on top of your favorite warm breakfast; oatmeal, millet or rice congee each provide a blank canvas for the sweet and tangy flavor of Black Elderberries.

Make into ice cubes. Mix with water, freeze, then add to unsweetened iced tea, lemonade or sparkling water.

In condiments. The sweet taste can tone down the heat in spicy barbecue sauce, and it adds a layer of flavor to ketchup. Kids will love the purple color, too!

In tea. Stir into a steaming mug of your favorite herbal tea, or try one of our dried mixes.

In a smoothie. Add a flavor boost to any smoothie, or dip the rim of your glass to get little ones enthused about a green smoothie!

In an acai bowl. Swirl on top of your superfood breakfast, or mix it right in before adding your favorite toppings.

In orange juice. Swirl it in the bottom of a glass before pouring in your morning OJ to create a "Purple Sunrise."

On ice cream. Drizzle onto a scoop of plain vanilla to make a sundae. Garnish with mint if you're feeling fancy.

In a glaze. Mix with sriracha or another hot sauce and rub on chicken or tofu for a quick dinner.

In a kombucha mocktail. Add it to top off a ginger or plain kombucha, for a twist on the classic Kir royale. Or create an Elderberry Switchel by adding it to the traditional apple cider vinegar-based drink.

In compound butter. Mash with butter, minced basil and orange zest, then spread atop your morning toast or a homemade muffin.

In freezer jam. Use instead of sugar in your favorite freezer jam.

On fruit. Drizzle over tart and tangy fruit, like kiwi, Granny Smith apples and pineapple, for a delightful contrast.